CrossFit Wildwood & You

Tired of your mundane, static fitness routine with little to no results? New to fitness and want to get in shape without injury? At CrossFit Wildwood, we can help you get in the shape of your life safely, effectively, and in a fun, energetic, stress-free gym environment.

Owner and coach, Mike Petruso, has been training for over fifteen years and opened CrossFit Wildwood three years ago, recently remodeling to make it even more inviting and functional. Mike is constantly pursuing perfection and a customer-first environment; he believes positivity breeds productivity and has organically created a place where clients don’t leave.

“Our clients stay in shape for life together – we are so proud that they consider us a gym family,” says Mike.

Flexibility and convenience is half the battle when trying to stay in shape, so we offer seven CrossFit classes a day with highly experienced, caring Level 1 Trainers. Each of our coaches brings something unique, fun, and exciting to CrossFit that helps you dramatically improve strength, flexibility and overall health.


 Yes! You can do the workouts and experience major benefits no matter what your fitness level. In fact, some of our greatest success stories come from people who have never worked out in a gym before.

At CrossFit Wildwood, we don’t just throw you out there to figure it out on your own. Once we analyze your fitness level, we begin On-Ramp sessions to teach you the basics and get you completely comfortable with CrossFit. You will learn proper form, technique, movement patterns, and motor skill development. We take our On-Ramp sessions very seriously so you have total confidence before you start group classes.

What Is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a functional movement workout that provides rapid, visible results in fitness, muscle tone, and weight loss without spending hours at the gym. Classes are comprised of high-intensity exercises using different forms of resistance, balancing and core poses, cardio, and other fun activities.

CrossFit is designed to help you easily move through everyday functions like carrying groceries, gardening, and lifting, without strain and injury. It maximizes layers of strength and flexibility by working your tendons, ligaments, muscles, and even your bones for thorough fitness. And because of the workout “bursts,” you’ll also burn

And because of the workout “bursts,” you’ll also burn more fat and gain muscle in less time than with steady cardio.

The Benefits

Exercise is critical to living a long, healthy life but it takes more than a walk around the block to gain lasting whole body strength and health. Exercise with a plan, purpose, and proper guidance means ultimate lifetime wellness – from head to toe, inside and out.

Our coaches at Crossfit Wildwood are completely dedicated to your well-being and thrive on helping you get the maximum benefits from your time with us. There is no greater feeling than knowing we are making a positive, life-affirming impact on each and every one of you.

Are You Ready to Reap the Benefits?


Less chance of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, arthritis pain, inflammation issues, better immunity


Weight loss


Increased energy


Boost happiness hormones


More confidence


Increased oxygen for clearer thinking, improved cell function, and quality sleep


Significant cardiovascular and respiratory improvements for better overall fitness and health


Stamina so you can get through your long, busy days with sustained energy


Strength for less injury and bodily stress while doing chores and daily activities


Flexibility for easier movement and less soreness from stiff muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints


Power–mental and physical; you’ll feel like there’s nothing you can’t accomplish


Coordination and balance for less stumbling, falling, and injury


Agility and alertness; feeling light on your feet and more balanced for the physical challenges in life


Accuracy in sports and improving training times


Speed for athletic and sports-related training improvements


Increased oxygen for peak athletic performance and energy

CrossFit Community

The community that spontaneously arises when people do these workouts together is a key component of why CrossFit is so effective. There’s a natural camaraderie and fun competition that brings an intensity you won’t find with any other fitness routine.

Not only does CrossFit offer online support and global affiliates, CrossFit is known for being extra effective when done with others. That’s one reason CrossFit Wildwood has a class environment. Our members have greater results because they try harder when they’re with others; they tend to laugh more and build a “we’re in this together” mentality that motivates.

At CrossFit Wildwood, your gym and class experiences are not only physical, you get a mental break too, shutting out everything except what your body is capable of in the moment and the joy that comes from actually doing it. We are a family that cares about and inspires one another and shares life events; Crossfit Wildwood will naturally become your home away from home.

Take a Tour

We are so glad you’re here and encourage you to visit CrossFit Wildwood for a tour or come in your workout wear for a free trial class.

We offer seven classes daily and Mike and Ellie also offer personal coaching sessions by appointment. No matter your age, gender or fitness ability, our goal is to help you attain the best physical fitness and emotional well-being that exercise can bring. We are passionate and sincere and can’t wait to meet you!

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