Member Stories


Just before my 45th birthday, my husband and I walked into Crossfit Wildwood. We didn’t know anything about it and we didn’t know anyone that went there, we just knew we needed to make a change in our lives. We could not have imagined how much it would change who we are physically as well as mentally and the positive impact it would have on our family. Over six months later I’m definitely not the strongest person in the gym, but sometimes I’m not the weakest. I’m not the fastest person in the gym, and often I’m the slowest, but that’s okay because without a doubt, I am stronger and faster today than I was yesterday. I’m healthier and I’m happier. My whole attitude about fitness has changed not only because of the workouts and the programming, but because of the community at Crossfit Wildwood. It is the most positive environment I’ve ever been a part of. You’ll find all different ages and fitness levels at CFWW working together for one goal – to get stronger and healthier. The veterans help the newbies and effort and improvement are celebrated every day. Now both of my teenage kids go to CFWW with us and my 9 year can’t wait until she can start. Mike Petruso and his coaching staff go out of their way to make sure every member feels comfortable in the gym and maximizes their potential. I feel truly blessed to be a part of this community.

Jenni Highfill

I joined CFWW in January of 2015. At the time, my main focus was to lose weight and be able to wear a 2-pc swim suit again. I never imagined I would GAIN what I did. In just 1 year my life has changed greater than every expected. My goals have changed from losing weight to becoming healthy and strong. I went from watching my kids play to PLAYING with my kids. I use to be self-conscious that people thought about me, in the gym, in the store, at the pool-I now focus on being present where I am. Enjoying life, and becoming happy with who I am. Crossfit Wildwood has done that for me.

Not only do I find strength in myself but that is backed by a strong family of crossiftters working beside me regardless of their age or fitness levels-both in and outside the box! They support me to do one more rep, push me to the limit, and lift me up when I’ve fallen. I could not imagine my life without my new family and thank God every day for leading me to them.

You may ask…did she fit into the 2-pc swim suit??? YES I DID! Wore it proudly last summer and did not for one second worry about what ANYONE thought! But more importantly I wore that suit to the pool where I ran around and swam WITH my kids. I am becoming the role model I always wished for them to have-Faithful, Confident, and Strong.

Nicole Scatizzi

I always considered myself in good shape and worked out regularly at home. I always wanted to try crossfit, but for years put it off due to time or money. I went to CFWW with a friend on a Saturday and really liked the workout and people. I signed up shortly after that. 1 year later, I am amazed by my progress. I look better than I did as a teenager and I constantly look forward to the next work out. Every workout is a competition….with yourself. But best of all, as great as I look and feel is nothing compared to how this community makes me look and feel. They are so positive and encouraging. They push you and support you. They quickly become family.

The only thing I regret is that I didn’t join sooner.

Drew Powell

I was a 21 year old college athlete who had to retire early due to an injury. Working out, playing sports, and competing had been my whole life and leaving that was heartbreaking. I was forced to the solo, boring gym life of cardio machines and free weights, doing the same old thing everyday, missing my team and some friendly competition. Then one day, a friend invited me to a Saturday Crossfit class. I was scared, intimidated, and uncomfortable, but I thought surely with my athletic background, I would be able to hold my own. I was way wrong! I was kicked in the rear end, actually flat on my back, but I was hooked. Hooked by the fact that I was joined by 15 other people that day, going through the same pain, yet encouraging me and pushing me along the way. Hooked by the fact that every workout will always be different, always challenging, and I will never be bored. Hooked by the fact that I have a coach again who encourages me, cares for me, and spends many hours dedicated to everyone’s improvement. Hooked by the fact that I have a team again, a team made up of the most genuine, heart filled, encouragers who I call family. It is the highlight of my day when I walk through those doors, it truly puts a smile on my face. CFWW has changed my life in every way and for that I am thankful.

Ellie Huffman

Best. Decision. Ever. I had become bored with classes at the local YMCA and was not seeing my desired results. I needed something that would challenge me, but in an environment where I didn’t feel intimidated. CrossFit Wildwood has given me everything that I was looking for and more! No words can begin to describe the phenomenal coaching staff. They are there everyday encouraging everyone to give their 100%. They address the class as a whole yet also reach out to each individual who needs a little more. And then there is the positive, welcoming, friendly environment. You may initially walk in as an individual, but you will walk out as a member of a great fitness family. In the past year, I have gotten stronger, more confident, accomplished goals I didn’t even know I wanted to set and been allowed to meet and become friends with some really great people. CrossFit Wildwood really has changed my life.

Jennifer Ritter