Ashly Strumpler

Ashly Strumpler

About me

“I love coaching and personal training! It is very fulfilling to work with a variety of groups and individuals to help them reach, exceed, and continue to grow themselves through health and wellness. Making connections with each person I work with is the key to success for all and with my background I am able to make those connections based on each individual and their needs and goals.”


Ashly is a graduate of Columbia College and holds a Bachelor’s of Science

As well as a Master’s of Business Administration in Finance and Management. Ashly also holds a Teaching Certification from Saint Louis University.

Ashly is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, a Certified Bootcamp and Functional Fitness Coach, and has been training clients of all ages and fitness abilities for more than six years.

Favorite movements: Ground to Over the Shoulders, Snatch, and Kipping Pull-ups!

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