Ashly Strumpler

Ashly Strumpler

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Ashly is a graduate of Columbia College and holds a Bachelor’s of Science

As well as a Master’s of Business Administration in Finance and Management. Ashly also holds a Teaching Certification from Saint Louis University.

Ashly is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, a Certified Bootcamp and Functional Fitness Coach, and has been training clients of all ages and fitness abilities for more than six years.

“I love coaching and personal training! It is very fulfilling to work with a variety of groups and individuals to help them reach, exceed, and continue to grow themselves through health and wellness. Making connections with each person I work with is the key to success for all and with my background I am able to make those connections based on each individual and their needs and goals.”

Favorite movements: Ground to Over the Shoulders, Snatch, and Kipping Pull-ups!

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